Around the world: Surprise sunsets

April 16th, 2020

“It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.” — Bern Williams

Sunset is the most beautiful time of day. Where I’m from, we love sunsets so much that we turned it into an event. On any given day of the week you can expect a text that reads: “Let’s meet at 5 for Sundowners“. It’s true what they say, South Africans always find a reason to have a drink. Being blessed with amazing sunsets all year round sure is something to celebrate, and so chasing sunsets became part of my DNA.

When you hear the word sunset you most likely imagine a nature scene. A big ball of gold melting into the ocean; a trio of colours fading away like an echo in the wind. But the beauty of a sunset is so protruding, you don’t need to climb mountains or swim an ocean to see it.

Sometimes it surprises you, like once when I was in Warsaw, Poland. Streets went quiet as the night crept closer. Temperatures suddenly dropped from zero to below. Freezing, I had the sense that the sun was swallowed by the earth, but then, out of nowhere, the sky woke up. A romantic slow dance between sky and clouds reflected the colours of the sweetest of dreams.

I once was lucky to find myself in Oslo, Norway, but only for a day. With short stays I never get my hopes up, especially in winter when chances are you’d have to stay in and watch the rain/snow from your hotel room. This day, however, was unseasonably “warm” for January. I headed to the waterfront for an early dinner and that was when the magic happened. I imagined myself reaching out and scooping up a sample – cotton candy melted on my tongue. I didn’t order dessert that night.

Rewind to last summer’s road trip with family. We drove all the way through the center of South Africa to its most famous tourist destination, Cape Town. We stopped halfway, slightly off-route in a small town called Sutherland. I remember feeling a little lost there in the middle of nowhere, but then the last light of day wrapped itself around us and that night I felt like I was sleeping in my own bed.

Speaking of my own bed, I’ll never forget the day I returned home after one year of living abroad. From my family home’s back porch it looked as if the sky was about to set earth on fire. As I watched how day and night became one, I was reminded of two things…

  1. New beginnings are beautiful.
  2. There’s no place like home.

The reason why I will never stop chasing sunsets is because it inspires hope. It always leaves me in wonder, dreaming about a new day.

I hope you get to catch a glimpse of the sunset while you #stayhome and #staysafe.

5 thoughts on “Around the world: Surprise sunsets

  1. Your love for sunsets is inspiring! Your use of the poetic and factual when describing them is really lovely. I likewise enjoy sunsets (and sunrises) whenever I’m outdoors; what’s even greater is that we can still chase them at home! Stay safe. 🙂

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  2. Those photos are awe-inspiring and your words are enchanting. I love sunsets too. Trivia: Here in the Philippines, a deep Filipino term for sunset is “takipsilim” which when literally translated is “cover twilight”.

    Glad to have found your blog, I’m a new fan! 🙂

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  3. Wow..!! Such stunning pictures of sunsets..
    Great photography Madam.. 🙂 Loved the pictures..
    Though a bit disappointed to see the lack of Ice in Oslo. Destructive effects of global warming seem quite visible there.


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