Doha: No sleep before sunrise

April 19th, 2020

The birds outside my window are silenced by traffic and construction. Urban dusk is nothing but noise – I don’t know how morning people do it.

My falling-asleep routine is choreographed: I turn and turn and turn. Instead of performing the next move I reach for the lamp switch and remove my ear plugs (which doesn’t seem to help much anyway).

My eyes wander from the ceiling to the wall, featuring some postcards and Polaroids. I miss traveling and I miss my friends.

I met most of my close friends on my recent journeys, traveling. They’re from all over the place: Brasil, England, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Turkey… And of course some from my home country, South Africa. These faces have become my family.

If one day I have children to whom I’d have to explain the meaning of “birds of a feather stick together“, they’d have to picture a very colourful bird!

We are all separated at the moment; stuck at home somewhere in the world.

I have to correct myself: we are not stuck, we are just taking a little longer to get moving again.

I yawn two times and decide to stop fighting with the noise outside. The birds gave up long before me.

I grab my earplugs for what it’s worth and just before switching off the light I take another look at my memory wall. I wonder what life will be like when we’re all together again.

I hope you’re staying in touch with friends and getting a decent amount of sleep as you #stayhome and #staysafe.

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